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Big Other Anthology 2019


Caveat lector: the following pieces of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.—all published this year in Big Otherare feral, that is, fierce and unruly, that is, these literary artworks upset conventional norms of writing, of thinking, of envisioning and realizing what is possible in writing, in creative expression period. Here you’ll find superb writing by Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Award winners, and other award winners among superb writing by a host of literary artists “established” and “emerging,” but what is an artist but someone who deliberately falls and rises, sinks and surfaces, vanishes and materializes, who continually comes into being through evolution?


Arthur Sze


Rae Armantrout
Three Poems


Debra Di Blasi
Otherwise (Eulogy for Diane)


Forrest Gander
Two Poetry-Films


Karen An-hwei Lee
A Ballad of the Lost Octopodes


John Yau
Four Poems


Sarah Blackman
The County Coroner


Daniel Borzutzky
Poem #1022


D. A. Powell
Kissing Rimbaud


Aimee Parkison
What Goes on Near the Water


Samuel R. Delany
Reading Díaz


Lance Olsen
169 Tweets on the Nature of Possibility


Doug Rice
A Refusal to Disappear


Ewa Chrusciel
Selections from Mental Aviary


Michael Leong
From “Disorientations”


Edwin Torres
Five Poems


Peter Markus
In This Tree


Robert Lopez
The Future Home of the Wymans


Jane Ciabattari
Acqua Alta


Rone Shavers
Four Crônicas


Lisa Russ Spaar
Five Poems


Stephanie Strickland
Two Poems


Kim Chinquee
Four Fictions


Laura Cronk
Three Poems


Albert Mobilio
Five Poems


Victoria Redel
Seven Poems


Terese Svoboda
Five Poems


Micah Zevin
Five Poems


Miranda Mellis
No Doubt Perhaps


Shira Dentz
Six Poems


Gary Sloboda
Seven Poems


Jefferson Hansen
Three Poems


Elaine Equi
Four Poems


Danielle Pafunda
Three Poems


Kailey Tedesco
Five Poems


Erika Bojnowski
Five Poems


Charles Bernstein and Ted Greenwald
Two Poems from The Course


Jessie Janeshek
Five Poems


Tom La Farge
Ode from a Mockingbird


Davis Schneiderman
Drone-Space Modulator


Laynie Browne


Joshua Marie Wilkinson
The Night Was Curiously Mild


Marjorie Welish
Bird Watching


Andrew Joron
Two Poems


Will Alexander
From On Solar Physiology


John Reed
Three Poems


William Walsh
Modes of Imitation and To the Art of Rhetoric


Brendan Lorber
Ten Poems


Joanna C. Valente
Five Poems


Tony Trigilio
Eight Poems


Nik De Dominic
Five Poems


William Lessard
Two Poems


Cole Swensen
Two Poems


Joe Milazzo
Two Poems


David Leo Rice
From Angel House


Michael Martone
Two Fictions


Debra Di Blasi
Every Fly’s Ascendant


Louis Armand
From Gagarin


Harold Abramowitz
(Our Real Limbs)


Tobias Carroll
An Oblation


Andrew Joron


Roberta Allen
A Way to Go


Karen Heuler
Words, Words, Words, in Other Words


Cris Mazza
Cliché Alert


Joe Pan
JFK Reconsidered


J. A. Tyler
Strange Weather: Dispatch #X24


Michael Joyce
From Remedia: A Picaresque


Olivia Kate Cerrone
Where They Bury the Waste


Alissa Hattman
Three Fictions


John Domini
Fish Story, Hoodie Howl


Osama Alomar
Four Fictions


Lynn Crawford
Same Sky


Margo Berdeshevsky
Tattoo Tribal


Peter Markus
This Boy’s Tongue


Babak Lakghomi
Here to Forget


Norman Lock
From Feast Day of the Cannibals


Tina May Hall
Three Fictions


Curtis White
An Autofiction


Laurie Stone


Kim Chinquee
Three Fictions


Nick Francis Potter


Rodgrigo Toscano
The Poetics of Readiness: An Interview with Benjamin Aleshire


Jared Daniel Fagen
Détourned Dada: Paul Nougé’s Aphoristic Ad Performance


Tyrone Williams
Only a Cry Absent Its Mouth


Brian Kiteley
On the Art of Wearing Yourself Out


Renée E. D’Aoust
Paw to the Paw to the Paw to the Paw


Sean Lovelace
How to Begin: Purple Bra, Prompt as Metaphor, Hiss/Kiss/Howl of Dogs, of the Falling Clouds, (roiling, roiling…), Sarah


Jimmy Chen
What Wood Jesus Do?


Grace Campbell
The Road Is a Shot Glass Half-Full


Gabriel Blackwell
Two Essays


Brendan Lorber
How a Poem Happens to Happen


Ken Sparling
Up Against the World: Resisting Sarki in His Mewl House


Pedram Navab
Always Arriving a Little Too Early: A Nocturne


Tyrone Williams
Reviewing Reviewing: Ethos and Praxis


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