Big Other is an award-winning online arts and culture magazine, published since 2009. It features fiction, poetry, art, hybrid works, reviews, essays, interviews, a podcast, and more. Big Other is edited and managed by John Madera.

We have published work by Pulitzer Prize winners Rae Armantrout and Forrest Gander, National Book Award winners Daniel Borzutzky and Arthur Sze, Grand Master of Science Fiction and Fantasy Samuel Delany, and a host of other stellar writers.

Some of the work originally published in Big Other has been subsequently published by Bellevue Literary Press, Blazevox, BOA Editions, C&R Press, Copper Canyon Press, Dzanc Books, Marsh Hawk Press, Pelekinesis, Ravenna Press, Rescue Press, Persea Books, Roof Books, Sonder Press, and the University of Arizona Press.

Read interviews with Big Other‘s publishing editor John Madera about his tenure editing and publishing the journal: in Heavy Feather Review, Maudlin House, and Volume 1 Brooklyn.


Praise for Big Other and John Madera:

“John Madera and Big Other are my go-to places to go for when I want to know what is most true and pure in the ways of the literary world. I can’t say I know of anyone else in the world quite like John, or quite like Big Other, and it’s this kind of singularity that I am always on the hunt for, and am pleased always by what I find in John and the things he has curated at Big Other. Where else in the world can a single sentence be praised. Where else to go to do such crucial listening.”
—Peter Markus, author Bob, or Man on Boat, as well as five other books of fiction

“John Madera is passionate about good writing and the ideas that good writing spawns. Moreover, he is a great friend to the writers of literary fiction who are lucky to have merited his attention.”
—Norman Lock, author of many books, including The Wreckage of Eden, A Fugitive in Walden Woods, Shadowplay, A History of the Imagination, and Grim Tales

“John Madera is surpassingly generous to other writers.”
—Laurie Stone, author of is author of My Life as an Animal, Starting with Serge, and Laughing in the Dark

“John Madera is one of the greatest champions out there of under-recognized writing.”
—David Hollander, author of L.I.E. and Anthropica

“When my cowardly first publisher dumped me, and I was down on my luck, two men picked me up and dusted me off. The first was long-time contributor to and friend of Big Other, Ryan Bradley, who published two of my books at Artistically Declined. The second was the founder of Big Other and its eternally renewable source of energy, John Madera, who actually found reviewers for those books, which meant that they were read. That’s all any writer really wants. But I don’t want to imply that Big Other is good only because it was good for me. Novels and stories and essays don’t have to be social melodramas with characters you are encouraged to love because you can relate to them and characters you are encouraged to hate because they’re cartoon people–but they are incontrovertibly social. We are who we are and write what we write because of the people around us; that we are independent geniuses succeeding on our own terms is pop-culture bullshit. Big Other is an emphatically social endeavor. It’s a community not of yards and cars and apartment doors and media platforms and dogma, but of minds and ideas and work. And where else can you celebrate Wallace Stevens these days? The man was a Taft Republican for Christ’s sake!”
—Gary Amdahl, author of many books, including The Daredevils, Across My Big Brass Bed, I Am Death, and Visigoth