From the Archives: Air and Fog, Light and Flight, by Jane Ciabattari

March 27, 2023

Happy birthday, Jane Ciabattari! Celebrate by reading Ciabattari's "Air and...

From the Archives: History of Human Migrations, by Luis Othoniel Rosa

March 26, 2023

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Five Fictions, by Kim Chinquee

February 27, 2023

From the Archives: Big Other Folio: Robert Coover

February 4, 2023

  Happy birthday, Robert Coover! 91 today, and still kicking fiction's keister! Celebrate by reading...

Polyphony, Intercalation, and “Re-Remembrance” in Shushan Avagyan’s A Book, Untitled

March 23, 2023

By Alistair Ian Blyth   Over the millennia, translation has often saved original works from oblivion. For example, Armenian translations have preserved philosophical works by...

César Vallejo on Art, Love, Absurdity, and More

March 16, 2023

  Happy birthday, César Vallejo! Here are some quotes from his writing:   "Oh always, never to find the never of so much always."  ...

Georges Perec on Writing, Space, the Uninhabitable, and More

March 7, 2023

  Happy birthday, Georges Perec! Here are some quotes from his writing:   "Space is a doubt..."   "Why not set a higher value on...