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Two Poems, by Andrew Joron


The Contraries

Circle’s motion goes / against all endpoints.

Rare area / roar.

Space, a massless rigidity / / time, a massless flow.

Infinitesimal difference / suffices for Becoming.

If a step / then a stop.

In the mourning evening, I / as spire of I / respire.



Stand before a mirror, & you become
a member of another world.
Stand behind a name, & the world
becomes a member of itself.

So, make a map of all the eyes you’ve ever met.
Find a path through the mirrors of Thine Others.

Continuity is the essence of the abyss.

To radiate, leave it all behind.
To emanate, stay connected to the source.

phantom, the ship of state—
who cares? who carries? who cures?

Write your answer here, on the most
reflective surface.

Dear observer—as space expands, “never”
is misspelled as “nerver.”

So the mind is blinded by perception.
So reading is reanimation of the dead.


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