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Bird Watching, by Marjorie Welish

Voiceover conversant with
Before During After    as much a screwdriver
that made    impersonating Red Yellow Blue auteur
the glorifying test    A Reader’s Guide

Comings and goings impersonating holidays
conversational September    a dialect thereof
Red Yellow Blue auteur    between auteur
and Before During and After binoculars    the plash
shaded and consequent    with foreground through which
orchestral consonants    made forays
into profusion    spur of call and response.

With Before During After    of a lawn camera style    impersonating
diurnal ground    middle ground background    A Reader’s Guide.
Load more Red Yellow Blue auteur    motoring.
The plash fascinated anticlockwise wilderness
had already said conversational September    dialect thereof
and what we might call distance    spendthrift
orchestral consonants    mattering.
An anvil distinctly heard Red Yellow Blue    disinheriting auteur.

A leaf had already entered profuse occlusion of the divided speaker
mattering to statements    with a screwdriver
the rake impersonating direct speech    voiced over opera    dialectics
ingested mysteries    and relativism fascinated
dotterels he plashed fascinated    with exposed extension cords.
We’ve A Reader’s Guide    leaves applicable in dialect
whose Parsifals contest what we might call    secrets
duct tape useful Before During After    universals which yet speak
of foreground    September    where did I put it
the swift code mattering to foreground occlusion    with a mallet
vaulting    high    higher than the skylark    the skylark’s impersonating

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