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From On Solar Physiology, by Will Alexander

I am invaded by blankness
where a curious Portuguese erupts
where its vowels transmix
with sub-components of English
marked by tumultuous interior glottics
by treasonous insult
by purported exhaustion

this being
the liminal fragment
the uncertain
mingled with a sun
that floats as ravenous spore

a kinetic
a dialectical limbo
a mirage of stone
a bluish feast
a boat of anacondas

my mind
not unlike a floating electron wheel
being particles of voltage
scattered across kerosene & blindness
yet always rife
with a staggered optical scent
strangely summoned
as baffling technical apparitions

& this summoning
coming from Regulus*
from the Fornax Cluster
from Alpha Centauri

born under a blank tornadic Sun
half green and half vapour
being of every calendrical proncement I can carry
being of every proof or Tree
or of any of my symbolical moraines

then again
this Sun
part of a signal of twenty suns
of a relay of suns
partially charcoal in irrigation

I remain
entity of their pressurous dust
an entity
within the sum of local partial suns
within the sum of local helium significance
as if I dazzled myself in an interim hummingbird gulf
in a sub-aquatic transfer state
becoming odd
by indivisible mobility

a strange perpetual torrent
in the midst of a torrential echo garden
with Moroccan broom
with spider plants
with aurum lilies

in this
I am odd
making lists of whole deserts as auroras

for instance
forests as carnivorous tropical mirage
spinning in the spirit of fiery dracaenas*
like the “down plant” plant subject to ironical fires
to sums that extend over & beyond
a simple clause of persecution
because there are times
when I am subject to igniferous* law
to interior transit
where I propel myself
into unwavering conditions of mental exactation*

not a didactic persona
distilled as portion or fact
condensed in stratification as model

I am disproportionate as conifer
minus the blinding owls in its mirrors
with critical anti-motion
full of yields
& compounds
& intensities

being anachronistic soil
in a blizzard’s nightmare forest

my skin
an invigorated leather
a sun turned around in opaqueness
as occult seasonal migration
having survived within myself
by seasoned psychic acrobatics
by sudden Integer through error

being inhospitable
I have shifted several psychic locations
yet I am chronicled by land root
at the ozone of margin
filled with true electrical revolt

the nerves dis-established
the fevers imprecise
the minds’ body drifting as a critical looking-glass prairie

by in-seasonal compass
by marsupial eclectics
the sudden ash of categories
the inward metrification of sound
being nutation as tumultuous parallel
as a-synchronization
as galactic medicinals
as implicate suborder
ammoniated shapes of hydroxyl

this being spillage of ammonia across the elements
being rotational suns
being fractals of monsters

that breathe as flames
through great electrical transmutation
so that they achieve
the riddling heights of great vibrational status

who have arisen above the Angolan blood fields knowing who I am only as the “unknowable”
as a factor of imminence
who partakes of himself through baffling enigma

& I know in myself
the strange calamity of imminence
with its sweltering
with its inconspicuous fate
always dwelling at the cusp of curious cellular in-substantives
by means of voltage
by means of the predestined
by means of sonar intensification

knowing elements of my pattern
as unstable ruse
summoned to this condition
by explosion
by a sudden draft of diacritics
the corrosion of being
to be suffering
by torrential quest
by blinding forms from a central empire
always questing for damnation
with amputations ensnared
by carbolics of disservice

I am uncanny by projection
culled from a cradle of bullets
sparked by anonymous flames
descending from carbon & moisture


Regulus: A star in the constellation Leo. Blue-White, eighty-five light years away with “two dwarf companions.” It has the power “to unblock deeply buried subconscious patterns.”

dracaenas: A “genus of shrubs or trees native to Old World tropics.” They “have branches terminated by clusters of sword shaped leaves that bear…small greenish-white flowers and yield a dragon’s blood.”

igniferous: producing fire

exactation: coined term that relates to precision

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