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Big Other Anthology 2020


Like every year in recent memory, 2020 found our country in crisis, where one catastrophe followed another, cascaded pummelingly upon our heads, really, with seemingly no reprieve. Like all facile reductions, though, such a synopsis fails, its seductive power blinding us to a more comprehensive picture of things. Against various cynical postures, I say the following: While 2020 saw much of the country either succumb to lies, whether in the form of death-cult fascism or death-cult capitalism masquerading as democracy, it also found a large, diverse group of people spontaneously and horizontally organizing to combat fascism, nationalism, and white supremacy, to tear down numerous symbols of racist, imperialist violence, moreover to combat policing and imprisonment in its many forms. In the face of governmental failure to protect and sustain poor and working class people, it also found many people building community networks organized around the principles of mutual aid, solidarity, and autonomous direct action, foregrounding compassion, cooperation, and interdependence. And for all of this, I am inspired, emboldened, and grateful.

I’m also grateful for having once again published a host of great writers across the genres, among them Shushan Avagyan, Jeffery Renard Allen, Will Alexander, Rosaire Appel, Rae Armantrout, Jaswinder Bolina, Gillian Cummings, Raymond de Borja, J. S. DeYoung, Rikki Ducornet, Lisa Gulesserian, Tim Horvath, Andrew Joron, Michael Joyce, Karen An-hwei Lee, Norman Lock, Robert Lopez, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Joe Milazzo, Lance Olsen, Aimee Parkison, Meg Pokrass, Elizabeth Robinson, Pamela Ryder, Ken Sparling, Edwin Torres, Tony Trigilio, G. C. Waldrep, Ellery Akers, Jane Hirshfield, Tracy Fuad, Henry Goldkamp, Beth Kephart, Laura Stanfill, Jesi Buell, Hunter Liguore, D. Harlan Wilson, Jacob C. Singer, Rodrigo Toscano, Suzanne Stein, Lance Olsen, Peter Wortsman, Carolyn Zaikowski, Ryan Bollenbach, Jeff Bursey, Dorothy Chan, Mike Corrao, Jill Darling, Tom DeBeauchamp, Alissa Hattman, Kristine Ong Muslim, and Tyrone Williams.

I’ve collected this superb literary art from 2020 in the form of an anthology, which you can read below. Excelsior!



Four Poems
Rae Armantrout

Four Poems
Jaswinder Bolina

Four Poems
Gillian Cummings

The True Picture of the Past Whizzes By
Raymond de Borja

The History of Television
Michael Joyce

Glenn Shadix
Joe Milazzo

Soft Eclipse
Elizabeth Robinson

Three Poems
Ken Sparling

Four Poems
Edwin Torres

Nine Poems
Tony Trigilio

Four Poems
Hao Guang Tse

Three Poems
G. C. Waldrep



Three Comics
Rosaire Appel

Tim Horvath and Rafaele Andrade

Lunagrad: Mek
Andrew Joron

Love Chronicles from the Octopodes: Episodes of the Emily Diaspora
Karen An-hwei Lee

A Minotaur in Bellevue
Norman Lock

However Many Sayings to Live and Die By
Robert Lopez

Beautiful Boy Falling
Lance Olsen

Three Fictions
Aimee Parkison

Disappearing Ink
Aimee Parkison and Meg Pokrass

Pamela Ryder



Poetry: Power That Seeps From Invisible Wattage
Will Alexander

George Floyd: Protracted Elevation That Raises the Sun
Will Alexander

A Message to Our Readers, Contributors, and Community
John Madera

To Dance with the Tiger: Call-Out, Cancel, and the Big C of Culture
Tyrone Williams


Folio: Micheline Aharonian Marcom

Excerpt from The Nothing on Which the Fire Depends
Micheline Aharonian Marcom

A Conversation with Micheline Aharonian Marcom
Shushan Avagyan

The Language of Discontent
Lisa Gulesserian

Rapture, a Bull-Hook, a Puzzle
Rikki Ducornet

“All War Is Deception as Is All History”: Structure and Time in The Daydreaming Boy
Jeffery Renard Allen

Draining the Sea and the Simulation of Trauma
J. S. DeYoung

What You See Is What You Don’t Know: Thoughts upon Entering and Exiting The Brick House
John Madera



“Finding the Beauty Commensurate to the Pain”: Ellery Akers and Jane Hirshfield in Conversation

Ins and/or Outs: A Conversation with Tracy Fuad
Henry Goldkamp

The Writer, the Editor, and the Aftermath: Beth Kephart and Laura Stanfill in Conversation

L’éditeur de Babel: An Interview with Jesi Buell, Editor of Kernpunkt Press
Hunter Liguore

Interview with D. Harlan Wilson
Jacob C. Singer

Pandimía: A Poetics Dialogue
Rodrigo Toscano and Suzanne Stein

A Conversation with Lance Olsen
Peter Wortsman

“The houses in the hills are bad at being real”: Meghan Lamb on Spaces, Liminality, and Bodies
Carolyn Zaikowski



Review of Johannes Göransson’s Poetry Against All
Ryan Bollenbach

Review of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Between Two Millstones, Book 2: Exile in America, 1978-1994
Jeff Bursey

Completing the Brushstroke: A Review of Shin Yu Pai’s ENSŌ
Dorothy Chan

Transcription as Isolation: On Ansgar Allen’s Wretch
Mike Corrao

On Poetry, Community, and Heroes: Reading Tyrone Williams
Jill Darling

On Douglas A. Martin’s Wolf
Tom DeBeauchamp

Loneliness and Plurality: Jennifer Calkins’s Fugitive Assemblage
Alissa Hattman

Notes on Daryll Delgado’s Post-Ecological Disaster Novel, Remains
Kristine Ong Muslim

Review of Chris Tysh’s Hotel des Archives: A Trilogy
Tyrone Williams



Jamming Their Transmission: Episode 14, Life During the Contagion, Pt. 1

Jamming Their Transmission: Episode 15, Life During the Contagion, Pt. 2

Jamming Their Transmission: Episode 16, Life During the Contagion, Pt. 3

Jamming Their Transmission: Episode 17, Life During the Contagion, Pt. 4

Jamming Their Transmission, Episode 18: Conversation with Richard D. Wolff

Jamming Their Transmission, Episode 19: Conversation with Jasmine Syedullah


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