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Poetry: Power That Seeps From Invisible Wattage

By Will Alexander


“All the elements of poetry are aglow, burning like several suns in their intense and high spiritual brilliancy…”
—RY Deshpande


To draw from up lists, to subsume myself in the grammar of dead potentates will never suffice, nor will it provide necessitous irrigation as insight. Of course I am not urging rote exercise of canticles from memory, nor do I psychically glare as I form myself via shadow into scholarly rendition. Scholarly rendition suggests to the general mind an obtuse and uncaring objectivity. This seeming lack is precisely where a less spellbound grammar exists as expertise according to merits gained from exoteric adornment. Because I refuse conjoinment to weakened expression I am conjoined to the intrinsic strength as lingual spell, to mantric subsistence that leads to higher and higher germination of grammar that realizes its own meta-germination over and beyond delimited dictates of matter. Certainly not lingual misnomer or arcane cul-de-sac, but as intrinsic tonality, as spectacular irrigation that blazes and commingles with evolved vibrational ascent.

Not the lingual field evolved from abstract utopias but from organic vertical grammar en-fired by a kind of cosmic infection. And what do I mean by cosmic infection? Language that procures itself via its auto-generation of shadow. This being energy that blazes according to energy that is considered to obtain itself via generation of useless codification. These energies of energy seem to congregate and blaze as self-sufficient embers, as in-locatable spells, both useless and baleful, continuously ignited via the shadow that remains Prakriti. The latter functioning as the purely palpable event, that burns via extrinsic glow, that cradles itself within the improbable realia of itself as fore-shortened destination.

When Williams condenses his “Red Wheelbarrow,” it seems to work according to immediate reasoning not lingual function according to higher states simultaneous with ironic multiplicands. Not language considered via the scale of miraculous encounter or language angled according to destiny as invisible probability. Not language open to the habitability as koans, that blaze and open onto higher possibility. In Williams’s context, we feel convinced of utilitarian parameter as verification according to what we aurally perceive via de-limited expertise. This is not deformity on my part as disproportionate ideology that casts an embrangling shadow and subjectively condemns versification when codified according to existential de-limit. The latter begetting a zone that negates higher lingual burning where energy rises above lingual psychic craters.

Perhaps I remain concerned here with what I consider to be graceless miasmas concerned with the parameters that consist of pointless material tautology, the latter being language as three-dimensional formulation prone to self-endowed limit. The latter leads to broken worlds with its roots consumed by embrangling shadow. These are mazes subsumed inside a glossary of squalls alive they are with contradiction, amounting to plainspoken bribery according to darkness. Mantra in this circumstance is never advanced and can never align itself with trans-physical quickening. As for higher formulation akin to verbal grace none seems to advance this absence as deteriorated aural heritage, with its terse in-celestial clauses consumed as it is with non-vertiginous funerics. For me, there exists the contra-distinction of luminous morality as sound that transmutes old ash beyond notions that exist as comprehensible prowess. The latter being prowess that languishes and burns and momentarily listens to stagnation as ironic lingual gift from the haze of motionless under-kingdoms. Of course this signals darkness that ensues from crippled suns, as spotted intangible cataracts. This being language as dazed serpent, that coils within phenomena itself that attempts to capture its own current by means of a crazed tautology. Thus it seeks to electrify its own power interacting with its own darkness, self-propelled by isolate criteria. This being energy that portends its own lifelessness curiously akin to the Sun via light as heliopause. This being light that exists as non-effect akin to the mind falling into trance without view. The latter existing as turgid afterthought that ceases to explore implication and thus presents itself to itself via rural contamination. It thus emits itself according to an unforeseen pyre creating from itself disproportionate grandeur. Ironically, it takes on the character of an insubstantial signal tending to register itself as cataclysmic mirage.

As if I presently challenged myself via herculean analysis that has evolved this insight concerning via disoportionate glistening via Occidental recognition of itself as a form of advanced ruination. This being not unlike an equivocal thruway that advances its own advancement poisonous equivocation. The latter equivocation being magnification according to drone that both listens to itself via existential bribery charged as its core by precarious anathema.

Let me say that this lingual highway has now exploded and remains incapable of its own formulation. The latter understanding now tending to take on the auspices of what I consider to be cloistered mental diabetics akin to misused explanation of itself, according to the curious circulation of its present vanishment. It therefore fosters a lingual economy that is a sub-circulation of its own negation. It no longer provides shelter or explanation for its reasoning.

Indian cosmicity exists as Purusha and remains uncontainable prolongation alive with supreme vibrational capacity. Its habitation as Prakriti passes over into extended perturbation all the while seemingly captivated by spoilage. Thus Prakriti exists as an occult vehicular warren where motion fails to accrue unto itself as balanced absolute. Perhaps this explains our seeming perplexity as it fails to extend itself beyond gregarious density. Via this gregarious density Prakriti blazes and fails to endure as higher mesmerism. Not a formula, nor an abstract pleroma, thus it continues to baffle its own instincts as evolutionary current. Lingual mesmerism simply saturates its own creative properties from the Purusha to the Prakriti and not the reverse as it explores poetic summa via otherness. Purusha empowers a higher aural field not delimited via figment but as power that enacts itself via mantric verbal states.

According to the Rishis, these mantric verbal states are not hyper-emphatic blinding but are a solstice of rays where the author absorbs and emits the acrobatics of transpersonal power and remains poised as focus via conjugation of upper and lower levels. I am thinking in this regard of energy over and beyond the numeric psychic state as general underpinning. This being the transpersonal field where language emits itself from less palpable sonics that enacts itself via dictation by unarguable spell. Never lingual blossoming according to knotted vector condoning itself as destabilized tautology. Thus, tautology never renders vision evades itself while searching for itself via an arid emblematic poised according to calculated germination. Of course it fails to employ higher shading and inference as it all the while implies boundlessness not as rigidity, or forceless didactics that never imply wealth from inner cellular lakes. Such a state never encounters the Jarryesque realia according to wealth that pours from delimited inner Bohemias. As we absorb poetic whispers as though they were openings, we store anomalous verbal fields according to implied acreage that condenses within seeming mystery. Thus, I am speaking of personality that originates not from separation or lower intrigue but as one of mantric continuum endowed by what continues to persist as sonic transmutation.

Not the poet who attempts to thrive via lower roulette condemned according to random psychic seizure. In the Occident, the latter state consists as sonic frontal personality being an isolated fort of sterility connected to nothing other than its own sullen acreage as view. I am not speaking of the mind suddenly occulted by religious agitation but mind as integral current where the body never banished from transmuted verbal current. This latter condition consisting of mantric verbal current not as a faulty amalgam of energies but as nuanced ascent. Not dark unending drama alive as scenic carnage, but as sonic ascent rising according to the voice that writhes as energy over and beyond its state of lowered verbal conditioning. Not the verbal field as religious fissure but as verbal charge via the luminous. This being poetry in the manner of aural instigation not according to fragmented symbols that remain neutralized  and fissured amongst themselves but able to traverse gulfs unbeknownst of themselves according to cognitive systemics. I am thinking of the way that sunlight advances itself according to varied organics of blazing. Light in this sense advances via altered parables via a seeming garrison of riddles, via a sum of perplexing torments.

As per my present understanding the poetic Rishi casts verbal states that invigour inner worlds according to transpersonal lingual yield that is none other than mantra. Therefore, the personality naturally corresponds as vessel, not according to three-dimensional parable with its flaws and separations but via a prairie of sound that rises or lowers itself according to modulation by vibration. Hearing at this plane remains a great tumultuous act not simply as carnivorous approval from oneself but as verbal light that opens onto itself via a level that transmutes rational suspension itself. Not as a nomenclature fired by dissolution and plague but as inner dictation subsuming all curvature and lacuna harvested via spells. And these spells seem to rise as though from a rhetoric of seeming angular distortion. The latter sonic energy not inclined to rhetoric through transactional opacity and never simplified or declaimed according to limitation via measurable shard.

Should I extend the above according to solemn expertise as scholar, I could never express my perhaps flawed but original understanding. Specific amendment needs be in order. I have in this present exploration been inspired by the general presence of the Rig-Veda and “The First Hymn of Rishi Vamadeva” as I can only prioritize my poetic subsistence due to mantric praxis as displayed by the scholarship of RY Deshpande. Not rhetoric via intellectual discernment but language transmuted as original energy beyond obscure senescence. This being poetic energy that is not unlike the substance that hails from view blazing diamonds that foretell themselves and seep from the power that remains as invisible wattage.


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