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Jamie Iredell’s THE BOOK OF FREAKS

In case you missed the newsy flashes in past months, Jamie Iredell’s next book THE BOOK OF FREAKS is forthcoming from Future Tense. I have read everything that Future Tense has ever published. That’s right, I’m an authority. & I’ve read all of Iredell’s books too, his chapbooks, the book that those chapbooks made: PROSE. POEMS. A NOVEL., & even the manuscript that he is shopping right this very moment. His writing is always good. Yes, that’s right, I’m another authority. To access the real truth, you can pre-order THE BOOK OF FREAKS for $11, which is a rare form of honesty.

from the Future Tense mouth:

Like an expanded Dictionary of Received Ideas, The Book of Freaks takes its subject matter from everyday life. Both hilarious and poker-faced in equal measures, this faux encyclopedia categorizes mundanities and renders them starkly unexpected. From circus freaks, to nationalities, to you and everyone you’ve ever met, The Book of Freaks points out what we already knew, but never acknowledged: every one of us, in our own little ways, is a weirdo. The Book of Freaks is bewildering in a good way–an bluntly informational yet oddly poetic tour de force.


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