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Fix It Broken

Greg Dybec has launched a new online magazine called Fix It Broken. The first issue is up. It’s the place where fiction meets fashion. Why story-inspired t-shirt will be created for each issue.

Here’s Greg’s description of the project:

“Issue #1 of Fix it Broken is a successful first representation of the site’s main objective: an aesthetic mesh of fiction, fashion, and artwork. Issue #1 displays great writing by both new and established authors, crisp artwork by John Dermot Woods, and a fun yet haunting shirt design by Kristian Woodmansee. The idea of such a dynamic fiction magazine may be conceptually new, though the end product is something to be seen, showcasing the individual talents of so many creative individuals, coming together as something that ultimately would not exist without the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of each party involved. With fiction at its core, there are powerful stories to be read in Issue #1, which prove the quality of writing that exists out there.”

Go here for stories and a t-shirt.

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