Best of 2010, Part 5

This post features lists by four excellent writers: Chris Heavener, Lance Olsen, Bradley Sands, and William Walsh. And when you get a chance, check out part one, part two, part three, and part 4. of “Best of 2010.”

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Looking Back, Part 4: Books

Best Novel:

Honorable Mentions:

Best Story Collection (Tie):

Best Nonfiction:

Best Poetry Collection (Tie):

Racing Hummingbirds by Jeanann Verlee

If There Is Something To Desire by Vera Pavlova

Best Chapbook:

Don't Go Fish by Kat Dixon


And that, folks, is my look back at 2010. I’m planning some fun stuff for 2011 and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of Big Other-ing.

Looking Back, Part 3: Music Miscellany

So much happens in music every year, it can’t all be filtered down to best albums and songs. Here are some other music favorites of mine from the year.

Best EP’s from 2010:

Garbage Night by Bad Tits

Black Skin, No Value by Cody ChesnuTT

Best Surprise from 2010:

Conan O’Brien: Live at Third Man

Best Album Art of 2010:

Best Vinyl Packaging of 2010:

(this is the closest I could find to showing the die-cut nature of the gatefold)
Best Show I Saw in 2010:

I only saw a few shows in 2010, but seeing the Flaming Lips again was definitely a highlight. As well as seeing The Black Keys for the first time. Here’s a cell phone pic from the Flaming Lips show:

Next up, my best of books in 2010. Stay Tuned.

Looking Back, Part 2: Songs

15. “Futile Devices” – Sufjan Stevens

14. “Bury Parts 1 & 3” – The Fall

13. “We Used To Wait” – Arcade Fire

12. “Anyone’s Ghost” – The National

11. “Love and War” – Neil Young

10. “Losin’ It More” – This Is Me Smiling

9. “Answer To Yourself” – The Soft Pack

8. “Bottled In Cork” – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

7. “This Orient” – Foals

6. “To Binge” – Gorillaz

5. “Kitchenette” – Grinderman

4. “Forced to Love” – Broken Social Scene

3. “I Can Change” – LCD Soundsystem

2. “Everlasting Light” – The Black Keys

1. “Mongrel Heart”/”The Mall & Misery” – Broken Bells (these two songs could individually top this list, but they belong together)


Next Up: Music Miscellany