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Looking Back, Part 4: Books

Best Novel:

Honorable Mentions:

Best Story Collection (Tie):

Best Nonfiction:

Best Poetry Collection (Tie):

Racing Hummingbirds by Jeanann Verlee
If There Is Something To Desire by Vera Pavlova

Best Chapbook:

Don't Go Fish by Kat Dixon


And that, folks, is my look back at 2010. I’m planning some fun stuff for 2011 and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of Big Other-ing.

  • Ryan W. Bradley has pumped gas, changed oil, painted houses, swept the floor of a mechanic's shop, worked on a construction crew in the Arctic Circle, fronted a punk band, and managed an independent children's bookstore. He now works in marketing. His latest book is Nothing but the Dead and Dying, a collection of stories set in Alaska. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife and two sons.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back, Part 4: Books

  1. Great list, Ryan. I’d never heard of The Lonely Polygamist, or Brady Udall, honestly. I just placed a reserve for it with my local library. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I appreciate you taking a look. Brady is great. I may be biased ’cause he was a mentor of mine, but I think you’ll enjoy it, and if you do his first novel and story collection are very good as well!

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