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Looking Back, Part 2: Songs

15. “Futile Devices” – Sufjan Stevens

14. “Bury Parts 1 & 3” – The Fall

13. “We Used To Wait” – Arcade Fire

12. “Anyone’s Ghost” – The National

11. “Love and War” – Neil Young

10. “Losin’ It More” – This Is Me Smiling

9. “Answer To Yourself” – The Soft Pack

8. “Bottled In Cork” – Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

7. “This Orient” – Foals

6. “To Binge” – Gorillaz

5. “Kitchenette” – Grinderman

4. “Forced to Love” – Broken Social Scene

3. “I Can Change” – LCD Soundsystem

2. “Everlasting Light” – The Black Keys

1. “Mongrel Heart”/”The Mall & Misery” – Broken Bells (these two songs could individually top this list, but they belong together)


Next Up: Music Miscellany

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