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Announcing Big Other’s Best of the Net 2019 Nominations!


We are pleased to nominate the following fiction, poetry, and nonfiction pieces for inclusion in Sundress Publications‘s Best of the Net 2019 anthology:


Karen An-hwei Lee‘s “A Ballad of the Lost Octopodes”

Doug Rice‘s “A Refusal to Disappear”


Creative Nonfiction:

Debra Di Blasi‘s “Otherwise (Eulogy for Diane)”

Sean Lovelace’s “How to Begin: Purple Bra, Prompt as Metaphor, Hiss/Kiss/Howl of Dogs, of the Falling Clouds, (roiling, roiling…)”



Will Alexander‘s “From On Solar Physiology”

Rae Armantrout‘s “Incognito Mode”

Daniel Borzutzky‘s “Poem #1022”

William Lessard’s “Facebook: 6/13/17”

Joe Milazzo‘s “Bink Noll”

Lisa Russ Spaar‘s “After Madrigal”


Thanks to all of the writers above. And thanks to the editors at Sundress Publications for considering these pieces.


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