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Comics Grab Bag

1) Fair warning to the seizure-prone, Jen Lee has just completed the first chapter of her post-apocalyptic webcomic, THUNDERPAW, and it’s pretty awesome (and gif-heavy). Read said chapter here and convulse.

2) More lovely news: I found out Emily Carroll’s debut collection, His Face All Red and Other Stories, is coming out later this year some time. Carroll just might be my favorite artist publishing comics online. Read her beautifully horrific title story here.  And a brand new fairy tale adaptation here.

Dialogue 55 by Thales Lira

3) Consistently wowed by Thales Lira’s “Dialogues” series on tumblr. Follow here.

4) Tin Can Forest, kings of bizarro-beautiful comics surrealism, are serializing portions of a new comic, “A Cabbage in a Nutshell,” on their blog. Start here. Then here. Then go here. (to keep things sequential…)

“Colonialism 5” by Warren Craghead. Made for Comics Workbook.

5) Lovely avant comics from awesome talents like Oliver East, Warren Craghead, Andrew White and others, going on over at the Comics Workbook.

6) Also, new Ryan Andrews: “This Was Our Pact”

7) And, Angie Wang’s Girl Apocalypse. I meant to link this here last year but quickly forgot. It’s really good (better than my memory).

8) Oh, oh, oh, and (also year after the fact) Brendan Leach’s Iron Bound.

  • Nick Francis Potter is the author of New Animals and Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine. He currently teaches in the Digital Storytelling Program at the University of Missouri.

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