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Vote! Vote! Vote! or, Warning: Shameless (Sort-of) Self-Promotion Ahead

Did you vote yet for your favorite in the storySouth Million Writers Award? Did you know that some of your favorite writers are up for this fabulous award for an online short story they’ve written? Like former Big Other contributor and all around fabulous lady Roxane Gay, as well as writers like Nicola Mason, Daphne Buter, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and yours truly?

I’m not asking you to vote for me.  (For realz, I’m not.) I’m saying: hey writing community, this is a pretty neat way to actually reward your favorite writers on the internets. So read the stories, and vote before July 6th–and the top three winners get cash prizes plus the nice warm feeling of knowing you like them, you really like them.

Okay, kind-of-self-promotion done. Go vote already!

  • Amber Sparks's work has been featured or is forthcoming in various places, including New York Tyrant, Unsaid, Gargoyle, Annalemma and PANK. She is also the fiction editor at Emprise Review, and lives in Washington, DC with a husband and two beasts.

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