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Happy day for small press publishing: Jaded Ibis

Jaded Ibis Press, full-spectrum publisher, who is bringing out cool books by Lily Hoang, David Hoenigman, John Dermot Woods/J.A. Tyler, Janice Lee, Anna Joy Springer, Christopher Grimes, and me (BLANK, w/ tracks from Dj Spooky), got the grand treatment in Forbes.com today.

Let’s see, the last time an indie press was covered in Forbes…oh, yes, never.

My cell is blowing up and I am now drinking Cristal from a beer bong.

Go, Debra Di Blasi.

10 thoughts on “Happy day for small press publishing: Jaded Ibis

  1. Good stuff! Congrats on the new project, Davis — it sounds really cool.

    And I was glad to see some love for the mashup in the Forbes article… I just recently got this reply from a publisher: “I don’t like the term ‘mash-up’ as if this were a car accident or something to eat.”

  2. Congratulations. Poking around Jaded Ibis and watching the trailer —

    The mash-up thing does seem to push the boundaries of “the book.” Seems at first glance to be an extreme version of Burroughs’s justification, “life is a cut-up.” But after some thought, this seems the precise opposite of that — integration, borg-ish —

    Also, I thought I remember reading somewhere that electronic publishing enables presses to respond to the concerns of the day in a timely manner. This seems true — speaking broadly, of course —

    I’m not sold on the sustainability pitch. A quick look at mineral mining for digital technology and war in the Congo reveals more deaths than in WWII, while Guiyu, China (but one example) erases the notion of “clean” technology.

    That said, snared inescapably, it would seem, Jaded Ibis is pushing the boundaries of “the book.”

    BLANK’s literary merit would seem to reside in the conceptual environment it inhabits. Reminds me of the “Day” projects.

  3. Thanks, all, for the kind comments.

    I agree on the sustainability issue, which is why I feel bad about still killing tress to print the blank book. Yet, I feel better about sparing all those squid who would have senselessly given their lives to produce the ink for my deathless words.

    Yes, Jared, there is something I like about the Day projects, and BLANK is certainly conceptual, but I see them very differently. I’ve worked so long on getting this published–seriously–and collaborating on the product that I actually forget that some people consider it a “joke.”

    It’s not a joke, of course, but it’s a damn funny one.

    Onward, to the mounds of celebratory snow.

  4. i guess i shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it re sustainability. without full knowledge of what it’s up to, BLANK and Jaded Ibis seem to serve an idea — and perhaps, like all good / great ? art, may sacrifice adequacy in the process —

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