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&NOW 5 wants you! From Anna Joy Springer, Amina Cain, and the rest of the &NOW regulars (Steve Tomasula, Christina Milletti, Dimitri Anastasopolous, Martin Nakell, Rebbecca Goodman, and me.)


&Now Festival of New Writing: Tomorrowland Forever! Submission deadline: April 12, 2011.

OCT. 13 – 15, 2011 @ UCSD

&NOW is a festival of fiction, poetry, and staged play readings; literary rituals, performance pieces (digital, sound, and otherwise), electronic and multimedia projects; and intergenre literary work of all kinds, including criti-fictional presentations and creatively critical papers. We particularly encourage pieces that promote linguistic and genre transgressions, along with literary artworks that promote interdisciplinary explorations and conversations with past, present, or future literary concerns and movements.

&NOW 2011:  Tomorrowland Forever! is especially interested in literary artistic and literary critical works that circle ideas of innovation, experimentation, newness, and not-yetness; in futurisms of all kinds; in queries about progress, technology, market practices, and identity in relation to them; and in the possibilities of interrelationship between arts and other disciplines and engaged practices. For more information, please see the Call for Proposals.

This conference gets wilder and weirder with each iteration. Join us, and also, we have an awesome indie book fair (um, check link in a few weeks) for small presses and journals.

Your outfit could stand to net billions and billions of dollars.


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