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The Stranger features Jaded Ibis Press

Just wanted to point you all to this profile of Jaded Ibis Press and it’s founder Debra DiBlasi in The Stranger. Debra has an incredibly innovative approach to publishing that looks for new revenue (that’s right, REVENUE) models, and brings together music, visual art, and literature in each book project. She’s a print aficionado (in the true sense, in that she’s looking to heighten the object-ness of the book) who realizes that publishing houses need to be in on all levels of technology. She’s looking for alternatives not just to “big publishing” but to small publishing as well. She wants to approach audiences in a new way. I’d be interested in what people (publishers, creators, and readers) think about her ideas.

(Worth noting, she’s the publisher of three BO contribs, J.A. Tyler, Davis Schneiderman, and me.)

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