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Month of Gratitude!

I’m kicking off a month of gratitude with an expression of thanks to all the readers of Big Other. Thanks so much for checking in daily, weekly, monthly, occasionally, or whatever. As writers, as artists, we often make things, necessarily, for most of us, I would guess, in solitude, and while that sometimes results in the realization of something that, at best, is amazing, or, at worst, gives some semblance of meaning, amidst meaninglessness, it can still get lonesome, so I’m thankful that I have a place I can come to, where I can write about things I’m thinking about, things I’m enjoying, things I’m annoyed about, a place where people are reading what I’m writing, and sometimes even responding. I really appreciate the dialogue. So, thank you!

9 thoughts on “Month of Gratitude!

    1. Thanks, Davis! I love that song, though I love “Thank You For Talkin’ to Me Africa,” Sly’s cover/reenvisioning of that song even more:


  1. Thank you John. It’s pretty amazing to have the freedom to do just about anything I want, but within that freedom is responsibility. As in the responsibility not to be irresponsible.

    I still hope you write the post about these great cultures and objects being obliterated in one swoop by unfeeling people, a la Bagdad/Iraq.

    I’m grateful to be on Big Other with a collection of poets and writers whose work inspires me.

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