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Strike 1

The first rule of being a good and decent human being is to treat others with respect and kindness and to ensure the safety and comfort of those you encounter even when it may imperil your own comfort and safety—because this is the basis—the absolute bedrock—of everything.

25 thoughts on “Strike 1

  1. I can’t be sure what this is in reference to. Maybe we’re trying not to mention it. But, am I the only one who’s not offended by the HTML Giant thing? Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, folks.

  2. Oh no, not at all, Jac. I just started playing with strikethroughs and decided to post one. The last thing we should do it take ourselves seriously. I certainly don’t take HTML Giant too seriously either.

    Sorry–I should have contextualized this a bit. I’m interested in the textual markers of word processing programs and the way they may or may not be used to topple the meaning of the writing, in a sense. I’ve recently saw a story that used the comment function to make explicit the constructedness of the narrative, and, anyway, that got me thinking…

  3. agreed—I think of a million little things to post of this nature, and never really do–but maybe I’ll start. my small autocritique, which we always called criticism/self-criticism, a la Mao, in the radical comp program of my grad school past.

    i would like to break wordpress–really really really

    1. Go for it, Davis! I think Adam’s idea is a good one… I would welcome strange posts that are not completely digestible.

    1. Ah, but perhaps it does work, just not in the way you expect it to. Davis, precisely how do you expect pushing that button to destroy WordPress?


  4. I clicked that button a handful of times and all it did was make it look like I clicked it.

    I was seriously hoping it’d break the internet or something.

    1. What that button does is transport you into a radically opposite parallel dimension. But it also removes your memories of having once lived in a different dimension, so you don’t perceive any change.

      Click it as often as you like.

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