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Indie Lit & Net Neutrality?

Lawrence Lessig’s got an interesting review of The Social Network in the New Republic, where, after praising the film’s aesthetics and storytelling, he suggests Sorkin’s fear and incomprehension of the internet lead to a script that counteracts efforts for net neutrality. Or at least misses an opportunity to advocate for a democratic internet.

It occurred to me I’ve never heard anybody pose the question abt the potential impact of net neutrality on “indie lit.” What happens if directing eyes to our online journals and websites becomes as difficult as getting our stuff featured on tables at chain bookstores?

2 thoughts on “Indie Lit & Net Neutrality?

  1. This… is a good question, and one I hadn’t really thought of.

    Though at least literature on the web tends to require less bandwidth than video or music. Which might provide the indie lit scene a little cover, compared to other arts.

    Am I understanding the internet correct, in what I said above? I might be misunderstanding the internet.

  2. I don’t think many people, including most writers, have thought about how net neutrality will impact their lives. I think it is even more important for writers (particularly indie writers) to know what’s going on with net neutrality, because it directly affects our careers (or aspiring careers, or whatever you like to call it).

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