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My Guily Pleasure and Taste and etc…

My poems, from now on, are all Inception based.  Hey, my poems are dreamy, or, are they?

Here is my final comment on Guilty Pleasures and the earlier discussion on Taste, for now.

5 thoughts on “My Guily Pleasure and Taste and etc…

  1. Well, what a coincidence! All of my writing from now on is Inception-based!

    And I have it on good authority that, while John won’t rename this site “The Dan Brown Fanclub,” he is considering renaming it…


  2. Adam–I am really craving your critique of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis.

    There is no shortage of stuff to attack, but give me something new. I admit to a soft spot for some of it. Alas, my guilty pleasure is overblown prog rock…? Shit, I am getting old.

    1. Genesis is awesome! Especially the 70s-era stuff with Gabriel. Who claims otherwise?

      I even like some of the Phil Collins stuff! Indeed, a friend and I were just talking about Phil Collins’s avant-garde cred:
      . He played drums on Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy);
      . He played drums in Brand X, which was kinda cheesy, sure, but also did some good stuff:
      . He got Splitting Image to do a Genesis video (“Land of Confusion”)—possibly in response to Peter Gabriel working with the Brothers Quay on “Sledgehammer”?
      . He got Genesis to make the video for “I Can’t Dance”:


      …which isn’t radical, true, but is still pretty fun/goofy/weird.

      Even his solo stuff is all right (up to a point):


      Plus, he’s a snazzy dresser.

      So, expect no bad words about Genesis (or Phil Collins) from me.

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