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(Keep Feeling) Stephin Merritt

I may be a bit slow to the party, but until tonight, and a chance overhearing in a crowded bar, I hadn’t thought about the influence that the Human League had on the Magnetic Fields.

“(Keep Feeling) Fascination”

And so the conversation turned
Until the sun went down
And many fantasies were learned
On that day…

  • A. D. Jameson is the author of five books, most recently I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING: STAR WARS AND THE TRIUMPH OF GEEK CULTURE and CINEMAPS: AN ATLAS OF 35 GREAT MOVIES (with artist Andrew DeGraff). Last May, he received his Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the Program for Writers at UIC.

6 thoughts on “(Keep Feeling) Stephin Merritt

  1. Those seems like such happier times!

    Your presence is required in the Tell us… post with Wilde on the cover – if you like post-genre films.

    1. Yes, their enthusiasm’s infectious.

      One of the things that’s been lost in the shift toward the repressed, distanced, cool irony that’s so common these days…is the ability to openly enjoy what one’s doing. (Not to mention dance.)

      Do I really have to go over to that other post? I’d been hoping to go to the beach…

  2. When I look back to my teen years, there are a few bands that I still think are … cool? stylish? suave? whatever. The Human League is definitely one. Solo Adam Ant, Robert Palmer, maybe a couple others. Good memories.

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