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Mud Luscious Press Is on the Move!

Good things are happening at Mud Luscious Press, the brainchild of Big Other’s J.A. Tyler:

They’ve officially acquired the Pindeldyboz print archives–all remaining print copies of Pindeldyboz may now be purchased from MLP.

They will release a two-volume set of the Lamination Colony Archives, including both a wealth of the online issues and the eBooks.

They’ve contracted a re-release of Norman Lock’s Grim Tales in a new standalone version slated (tentatively) for 2011.

They’ve contracted a re-release of Ken Sparling’s Dad Says He Saw You at the Mall, slated (tentatively) for 2012.

They’ve re-launched their previous stamp stories project and now, with associate editor Andrew Borgstrom at the helm of that beast, they plan to publish 100 authors / 100 stamp stories and then, down the line, release those 100 pieces in a new mlp anthology titled { C. }.

Find out more HERE.

11 thoughts on “Mud Luscious Press Is on the Move!

  1. Alright J.A. Releasing the Sparling is wild.

    So, there is this other little book that you can usually only get for $100. It’s been out of print for some years. I Looked Alive by Gary Lutz. How about, maybe, possibly maybe…

    1. I have actually, believe it or not, already talked with Gary about the possibility, but there is another press that has been working on a re-release of that title for some time now and, with any luck, we will all get to buy it soonish,

        1. Gary said no to Collected Fictions. Bummer. Never hurts to ask though right? Right.

          But he also said that a re-issue of I LOOKED ALIVE is forthcoming from an undisclosed press by the end of this year, so there is that to look forward to.

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