6 thoughts on “In Memory of Kazuo Ohno

    1. Butoh is where I began my study of contemporary dance. When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

      From the NY Times obit:

      His last Japanese performances were in 2007. Past his 100th year, he sometimes “danced” with his hands alone or crawled on all fours to communicate with his audience, making use of the working parts of a body ravaged by illness and age, perhaps the perfect metaphor for the dark art of Butoh.

      Dark, but also very beautiful. And at times very whimsical and joyous.

      1. Yeah, I’ve seen some way over-the-top Butoh performances. Love it all. The manic and the barely moving. The deep dark contortions and the lithe contours. The idea of dancing from within the womb changed my concept of art forever. I’m as indebted to Ohno as I am to Coltrane and Calvino.

  1. Thanks Adam. More to check out.

    Does anyone remember the beginning of the third section of Hal Hartley’s Flirt set in Japan? It begins with a dance number. Similar? I can’t recall too well, but there is a shot of a dancer rising from below the frame that is very frightening.

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