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Way to PANK it up, y’all!

Congrats to Big Other’s own Tim Jones-Yelvington, who will guest edit PANK’s October “special online issue featuring Queer prose, poetry, and art.” The full details, below. Looking forward to it, Tim.

Submissions are now open for PANK’s October special online issue featuring Queer prose, poetry & art, guest edited by Tim Jones-Yelvington. Submit fiction, poetry, art and unidentified or hybrid literary text objects by September 1, 2010 through the special issue submission manager: http://pankmagazine.submishmash.com/Submit.

We are open to any of the following and especially those things we haven’t thought of. But these are not guidelines. There are no guidelines. This shit is Queer.

~Work by, about or representing Queer people of color, women, trans folk, poor Queers, Queers with disabilities, homeless Queers, immigrant Queers, incarcerated Queers, Queers involved in sex work and other street economies, and others who bring the Queer.

~Work that explores the relationship between formal/aesthetic innovation and Queer identities and experiences.

~Queer heterosexuality.

~”Realist,” “experimental,” “magical realist/irrealist/fabulist, etc.” writing conscious of language and form.

~Queer avant-garde.

~Graphic sex and violence, and/or the grotesque.

~Appropriations, transformations or recontextualizations of existing writers or texts.

~What PANK would publish anyway because that’s what PANK does.

~Deadline, September 1st, 2010.

2 thoughts on “Way to PANK it up, y’all!

  1. Thanks Molly!

    Hey everyone — please forward this far and wide.

    And just in case it isn’t 100% clear what I mean by “these are not guidelines, the list of things we’re open to is meant to expand rather than limit possibilities. I wanted to explicitly name some stuff people might be reluctant to send because most places don’t want to see it. But I also expect to see shit that isn’t on this list.

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