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Skype/Live readings

I’m waiting at this moment to do a Skype reading–live–for South Texas College, and I know this sort of thing is becoming more popular. I wonder if others might share some cool experiences with live remote readings?  What type of crazy stuff have you seen/done–especially in the age of chatroullette?

6 thoughts on “Skype/Live readings

  1. I read an entire novel over Internet radio via Skype a few years ago, every week from January to May. My friend, the show’s host, had a whole international community and I ended up discussing writing with people in Algeria, Denmark and Manchester, England, to name a few, depending on who called in each week. The same friend moved to China a few years later to teach at a university there. I wound up reading on the university station there via Skype and talking to some Chinese students. Pretty cool.

    1. No, it was live and fleeting, but the show did replay a day after the live reading, so I could hear it. We talked about setting up an archive, but it never happened. Hearing myself read helped me a lot in revision and in becoming a better reader.

  2. Well, I think this is great–especially the ephemeral quality of it. Also, the delay in your hearing it is fascinating, and fundamentally different than pre-recording a reading (as Lytoard did, supposedly, for a conference, late in his life).

    I imagine your audience watched you on computer screens, for the most part, and the audience yesterday watched me on a projector or large television. These differences are fascinating–I’d love to explore the size of the reception screen in more detail.

    Where can I find some of your work, JT? I have an idea.


    1. An idea? Fantastic. I’ve got a story in Monkeybicycle 6, and a podcast of that story up on their site under “Media.”

      We didn’t actually have video skype at the time. This was back in 2007, and I don’t know if it had the video component yet. It was all audio. I’ve since graduated to the video, though.

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