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AWP: My Haul

Some new, some shoulda bought a long time ago:

More after cut…

~10 of DIAGRAMs, an anthology celebrating ten years of this little kickass magazine, takes the form of a full deck of cards (poker-size). It is playable, an actual deck of cards. It is also readable, a special issue of DIAGRAM. It includes, as you may imagine, a number of new diagrams.

8 thoughts on “AWP: My Haul

    1. I am excited to read it. It’s currently sitting along with most of the books on a table in my parent’s house in the mountains (left behind to save bag space), so I hope they ship it soon.

      As you can see, I bought almost everybody on the Why Words Matter panel.

      I wish I could remember precisely what Vanessa Place said about her formidable suits mattering. That is something I would like to quote.

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    2. Oh, I meant to tell you — I had a really interesting conversation w/ my mother abt your tug-of-war reading where I talked w/ her abt a lot of the content from the copyright panel, and she was really interested in the conversation — she currently works as an editor at a quilting magazine and was talking abt some of the tensions and challenges around copyright in the quilting community, where patterns and techniques are meant to be disseminated and used and adapted but where there are also juried competitions w/ monetary prizes and folks who build profitable businesses publishing their designs. …I thought it was fascinating to see the problems corporatization and the singular artist w/ a capital A framework pose in a folk art form whose history in collectivity & exchange is maybe more constantly present and less avoidable than in lit.

  1. it’s funny that you mentioned this–about quilting–as I have heard about this issue before.

    i think you should write something about the quilting controversy in terms of authorship….does the magazine have a forum for this discussion, or is it all behind the scenes?

    also, tadd just shared this video with me–from the reading:




    1. …If any publication were to write abt it, it *might* be hers — my understanding is they’ve positioned themselves as the publication of record for documenting quilting history and culture and such for ordinary quilters as opposed to magazines that are more how-to and pattern-oriented or else more rareified/exclusively for art quilters. But I don’t know how intellectual or political they’re able to go. I’ve only flipped through one issue — my favorite part was a heated controversy in the letters-to-the-editor section about whether it was okay for a previous issue’s writer to criticize quilt shop owners who keep their pets inside the store.

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