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Haunted Seductrist Sadistic Ruthless Porcelain Doll

Best ebay item ever:

Last chance to own this beautiful haunted doll! *BEWARE<ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR BEGINNERS<EXPERIENCED ONLY*  This is a larger (about 16 inches high), beautiful, bisque porcelain doll. The doll was found 7 years ago, in an abandoned barn where ritualistic satanism was performed on a regular basis. She is haunted by a demon whose sexually sadistic nature tends to be very rough, sometimes outright ruthless. This doll can actually interact with you physically, along with psychically, which can be brutally painful, but always ends with tremendous carnal pleasure. She has a specific trigger, which awakens her every time, and tells her you’re ready. I’ll tell you by email, just ask. She has several severe sexual fetishes, which include asphyxiation, water sports, and media fetishes to both latex and leather. I can’t go into detail here, but this doll is sexually barbarous, and wickedly exhausting. She is active in other ways as well, she undresses and moves herself often, moans, screams, and sometimes changes the tv channels to xxx rated shows, even if you don’t subscribe to any. She will become dangerously angry if you try to lock her away, or put her somewhere she can’t see people, so please use extreme caution. Must be at least 18 years old and mentally competent to bid. I’ll ship anywhere.

3 thoughts on “Haunted Seductrist Sadistic Ruthless Porcelain Doll

  1. This reminds me of Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box. It’s about a debauched rock star with a taste for the macabre who wins an online bid for a haunted suit. He, of course, gets more than he paid for.

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