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A Night Together, now togetherer

I’m playing up this Rumpus reading because it really seems like the kind of literary event we need more of: literary in leaning, but entertainment in approach. Something you can bring your non-writer friends to that’ll possibly get them jazzed about lit events in general.

I just saw that in addition to the great cross-genre lineup, they’ve added a way for the audience to get more involved–to actually read beside the authors on stage. This is a pretty neat opportunity. Basically, they’ve got “an ask.” Use a line from Sam Lipsyte’s novel The Ask as a jumping off point, and write a 300 word story. Send the result in to rozalia@therumpus.net, and get a chance of being 1 of 4 readers invited to the stage.

This is something all us NYC folks should do. Big Other represent! Here are the details.

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