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Free Dialogue

“Do you go over to his house and play with him alone?  Then you’re not his friend.” – A mother talking to her 5-ish-year-old son on the street this morning.

For what it’s worth, this is the first of a series in which I will provide you with brilliant found dialogue from the streets of Chicago.  If you would like to claim it for your own, you must call dibs in the comments.

I’ve never been able to use dialogue in this way, but maybe one of you can.

4 thoughts on “Free Dialogue

    1. Yes, maybe it has to do with how some people don’t listen to other people (I mean, I hear people talking and one person says something to another person and the other person literally hears something completely different – hearing what you want to hear is not a metaphor!) and now maybe some people don’t listen to themselves as they speak.

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