9 thoughts on “For art!

  1. i’ve always done crazy stuff for shits and giggles, then realized later i could write about it. i have a novel in mind that will require me to drive the al-can highway for research, but that’s not so crazy.

    1. Yeah, I think mining personal history for material is a much broader category–one arguably (depending on your definition of terms) impossible to avoid. But the intentional manufacture of scenarios is something that fascinates me. I suppose “stunt journalism” is pretty close to this–and that’s a popular mode right now. But somehow acquiring an experience to measure or record or achieve some internal state, then invoking that state at the point of creation seems a different kind of undertaking.

  2. Very cool painting. I like that it matches the big other logo, kinda.

    I just thought of Gay Talese and his book Thy Neighbor’s Wife. I love how he researched that one. Not that I could get through the book.

      1. I found it pretty unreadable. But I like reading how he classifed going and getting handjobs at Korean massage parlors as “research.’ I think this was in a Paris Review interview.

  3. Before I met my girlfriend, I spent far too long getting my heart smashed to pieces by headfuck girls: spitting off balconies at parties, sneaking into strangers’ houses to fuck on their couches, etc. etc.

    That whole time was brilliant and horrible, but I knew I would get a lot of stories out of it.

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