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Side by Side #5

  • Ryan W. Bradley has pumped gas, changed oil, painted houses, swept the floor of a mechanic's shop, worked on a construction crew in the Arctic Circle, fronted a punk band, and managed an independent children's bookstore. He now works in marketing. His latest book is Nothing but the Dead and Dying, a collection of stories set in Alaska. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife and two sons.

5 thoughts on “Side by Side #5

    1. my favorite QOTSA cover is “The Most Exalted Potentate of Love” but today felt more like a “Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy” day :) or at least I’m trying to project it to be that sort of day.

  1. As much as I love QOTSA, I’ve got to go with The Kinks on this one. You just can’t beat Ray Davies’s sneer. Although, Josh Homme’s “I know” has it’s own pained thing happening.

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