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Winner of Big Other’s 3rd Contest!

Robert Lopez has chosen Matty Byloos as the winner of our third contest. Matty will soon be the proud owner of Lopez’s books Part of the World and Kamby Bolongo Mean River. Contestants were asked to write up to three sentences without any hyphens, apostrophes, quotation marks, or periods (the opposite of the “constraint” used in Kamby Bolongo Mean River).

Congratulations Matty! And thanks to all the other participants.

Here’s the winning entry:

And so he thinks; this is a very important distinction to be made, between the moment itself and the very nature of the person, between language and intention: perhaps an end…

But an end between what two points?

Between the what and the who of anything, of any situation, any decision: an otherwise empty space, or an excess of emotion!

3 thoughts on “Winner of Big Other’s 3rd Contest!

  1. Thanks everyone! This was super great news to receive this weekend. I’ve been totally loving this site so it’s a real honor to be in a dialogue and hopefully contributing something to the community here. Keep up the great posts!
    Matty Byloos

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