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storySouth’s 7th Annual Million Writers Award

Honoring online literature since 2004 with the Million Writers Award, Jason Sanford’s storySouth is open for 2010 nominations from editors and readers. Full guidelines here.

The 2004 award went to Randa Jarr’s “You Are a 14-Year-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved to Texas,” originally published in Eyeshot.

The 2005 award went to Alicia Gifford’s “Toggling the Switch,” originally published in Narrative.

The 2006 award went to Richard Bowes’s “There’s a Hole in the City,” originally published in SCIFICTION.

The 2007 award went to Catherynne M. Valente’s “Urchins, While Swimming,” originally published in Clarkesword Magazine.

The 2008 award went to Matt Bell’s “Alex Trebek Never Eats Fried Chicken,” originally published in Storyglossia.

And last year’s award went to Jenny Williams’s “The Fisherman’s Wife,” originally published in LitNImage.

Who will win this year’s award? Show some Valentine’s Day love and cast your nomination now!

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