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New Bill Watterson Interview

There’s a brief interview with Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson in The Cleveland Plain Dealer. It’s the first he’s done since 1989. Interesting that this interview was published the week J.D. Salinger died. He doesn’t say much, but I’ve always been grateful that Watterson retired when he did. He never let himself have an off day. Almost impossible in the world of daily strips (and Charles Schulz is inhuman). He hung it up before he messed it up. It’s weird realizing that he was in his thirties when he did C&H, especially now that I’m in my thirties. I wish I had something like C&H threatening to come out from me.

7 thoughts on “New Bill Watterson Interview

    1. I know it, Ryan. Notice he dodged that question. I know he used to paint C&H as a way to relax – that’s where those paintings on the covers of the collections come from. Can you imagine what’s he’s lying around his studio from the last 15 years? I can’t imagine if that ever went up for sale.

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