Big Other Contributors’ News, #12

Ryan W. Bradley has a story at Annalemma and a poem at WORK.

Greg Gerke and Molly Gaudry have work in  KillAuthor.

Paul Kincaid‘s review of two reworkings of tales from the Mabinogion is at Strange Horizons, and his review of The Rapture by Liz Jensen is at SF Site.

John Madera reviewed John Haskell’s Out of My Skin for the The Rumpus, Mary Caponegro’s All Fall Down for Open Letter’s Monthly, and Joseph Young ’s Easter Rabbit for New Pages.

Shya Scanlon has an article on self-promotion in Word Hustler. And he’s been recording a new poem daily from In This Alone Impulse.

A few links from Rachel Swirsky:
Recommended short stories for the Nebula Awards (just basically a recommended reading list for people who aren’t nominating for the Hugo or Nebula).

Fugivitis on Judicial Bypass and Parental Notification Laws; Real Intent of Both: to Prevent Needed Abortion Access.

Genres of Fiction, and Why They Aren’t Discrete Entities.

J.A. Tyler has a piece in the new issue of euphony:

Leni Zumas has a story in the new issue of Salt Hill.


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