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Side by Side #2

This week brought news that Soundgarden is reuniting (and on the heels of the Johnny Cash mention in my last post), I present the weekend visitor of Big Other with “Rusty Cage” the original from Soundgarden, the cover by Johnny Cash

  • Ryan W. Bradley has pumped gas, changed oil, painted houses, swept the floor of a mechanic's shop, worked on a construction crew in the Arctic Circle, fronted a punk band, and managed an independent children's bookstore. He now works in marketing. His latest book is Nothing but the Dead and Dying, a collection of stories set in Alaska. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife and two sons.

7 thoughts on “Side by Side #2

  1. I love how Soundgarden was able to make 4/4 time sound strange and how they’d make odd time signatures fluid. Cash’s interpretation of Rusty Cage definitely illustrates how blues music underpins much Soundgarden’s music.
    And Cash definitely wins with the much classier video. Soundgarden’s is so cheesy. All that throwing around of the hair! And I always think it’s weird when guitars don’t have cables. Matt Cameron looks cool, though.

    1. Soundgarden did a lot of really cool time signature changes. I used to hold them up as an example of a band that could make them work when my bandmates would raise their eyebrows at me.

      The original video is such a perfect reminder of grunge era videos.

  2. Throwing hair around cheesily is a good thing. Rock should be rocking, at least some of the time, by some of the practioners. I saw those guys open up for Voivod at the Paradise in Boston in the late 80s. Great show. I will not be attending any reunion show, though.

    1. I’d probably see a reunion show, as long as Cornell doesn’t try to get Timbaland to join the band.

      Though I hope the reunion doesn’t delay any Pearl Jam plans

  3. a. black hole sun was better than anything temple of the dog ever did. sorry it just was.
    b. june carter cash is one of my idols. when i grow up i want to be like her. my other idol is mary from its a wonderful life. those are my two.
    for some reason i felt like typing this here.

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