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Farewell Christopher Higgs!

Please join me in sending off Christopher Higgs. His “Recovery Project” posts and his thoughts on books, music, and film will be missed here at Big Other, but be sure to follow him at Bright Stupid Confetti and Html Giant.

10 thoughts on “Farewell Christopher Higgs!

            1. Sorry, I was being a little elliptical with my jab at Mr. Scanlon. It seems particularly odd to me that in a farewell post he managed to be snarky not once but twice, and only a few post below he couched a very aggressive post toward four individuals under the guise of a discussion on site identity. All this lead to me realizing it has become quite vogue to dress up prickishness under the guise of provocateur or faux kindness.

              As a person who stumbled upon this blog through Google Reader recommendations, I really enjoy a lot of the content on here, not least of which was Mr Higgs’s ‘Recovery Projects’. I would think with a burgeoning community such as this one would try to find solidarity with compatriots not malice.

              This feels like such a long winded response to such brief previous comment, sorry for that.

              1. Thanks for the clarification. I can’t speak for Shya’s intentions here and in the other post. I do know that he has a tremendous respect for all the writers and will support them in their ongoing projects.

                I can speak for Big Other as a whole. I think everyone here cares deeply about opening up the dialogue about arts and literature, and about expanding the community.

                I really hope that Chris will continue his Recovery Projects elsewhere. I found them intriguing.

                And thanks for letting us know how you came upon Big Other. I had no idea people were placing us on their Google Reader recommendations. That’s great.

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