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My 20 Favorite Albums of 2009

Would love to see your list — let the comments stream begin!

Oh, if you see something you’d like, click on the artist’s name/title. Consider it my holiday gift to you.

Umlaut – Umlaut

Sack & Blumm – Returns

Why? – Eskimo snow

Gala Drop – Gala Drop

Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade

Tyondai Braxton – Central Market

Sun O))) – Monoliths and Dimensions

Emily Loizeau – Pays Sauvage

Pierre Yves Macé – Passagenweg

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Owl City – Ocean Eyes

Black Dice – Repo

The Antlers – Hospice

Dan Deacon – Bromst

DM STITH – Heavy Ghost

Bear In Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth

YACHT – See Mystery Lights

Revolver-Music for a While

TwinSisterMoon – The Hollow Mountain

Fanfarlo – Reservoir

I also loved:

Babe, Terror – Weekend
Kreng – l’autopsie phénoménale de dieu
Blackbird Raum – Swidden
Ödland – The Caterpillar
Little Gold – On the Knife
Shugo Tokumaru – Rum Hee
Jackie-O Motherfucker – Ballads of the Revolution
Benedict Drew – A Folding Table

9 thoughts on “My 20 Favorite Albums of 2009

  1. wonderful, varied list, chris–i’m going to grab all of those i don’t have, thank you a lot. i couldn’t get into that yacht album. i’m very excited to revisit some records i overlooked this year, especially hospice, ballads of the revolution, reservoir, and the hollow mountain.

    some stuff i hope gets recognized on year-end lists:

    bill callahan’s sometimes i wish i were an eagle

    at swim two birds’s before you left

    tiny viper’s life on earth

    built to spill’s there is no enemy

    early day miners’s treatment

    1. Built to Spill’s album is spectacular. One day I’ll write an essay about them.

      And I had no idea there was a band named after O’Brien’s masterpiece. Seems worth checking out for that alone.

    1. Yeah…I guess I spend a good deal of time listening to music while I’m doing other stuff. Plus, I come across a lot of strange/beautiful tunes while doing research for bright stupid confetti.

  2. i rely on friends to make me mp3 cds. i’m usually about 2-4 behind the indie scene. maybe further behind. anyone want to make me a cd? my non-hipness would be indebted…

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