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J. A. Tyler’s Best of 2009

J. A. Tyler’s Best of 2009

These great BigOther folks have already covered so many of the books I would recommend as best of 2009, so I’m going to hit this as ‘the best writers of 2009 that I am on the watch for in 2010’:

Ryan Call – his excerpt from the work-in-progress Field Guide to North American Weather published in Everyday Genius was a stunner

Kuzhali Manickavel – a new writer to me but one whose work I am seeing in more and more places – check out this one in particular – it is fantastic

Rachel B. Glaser – this piece from the forthcoming PEE ON WATER (publishing genius press, 2010) should be enough to set you on fire

David Peak – a writer finding more and more face time online and in print, one whose MUSEUM OF FUCKED will ship to readers in early 2010 and one that will be enjoyed for sure – read a little of Peak here

Michael Kimball – DEAR EVERYBODY was a read I cannot forget in 2009, and I now there is the looming american re-release of HOW MUCH OF US THERE WAS (new york tyrant books, 2010)

Matt Bell – if you have been paying attention, there is this three-name book-length project that Bell has been playing with in 2009 – here is a piece of it – and this taste is surely only a fraction of the goodness that will happen when they are all released together in some phenomenal book form

Andrew Borgstrom – another author finding a heap of work published in 2009 – check out this one – surely he has another wealth of writing to drop on us in 2010

Ben Mirov – he won the Diagram / North Michigan Press chapbook contest – read some goodness here – he is a wonder

Sasha Fletcher – still a bit underground I think – and yes, book-length coming from mud luscious press in 2010, so I am a bit biased – but the recent piece at lamination colony does not lie

Peter Markus – come on, novella length works in Black Warrior, Unsaid, and NC(3) down the road – always worth the read

11 thoughts on “J. A. Tyler’s Best of 2009

  1. That novella is amazing (Peter’s in BWR). I will send a free copy of Bob, or Man on Boat to the first person that notes the one word that is an obvious typo in that novella (not due to mis-spelling or something like that, but hte one word that defies the constraint that Peter set for himself).

  2. So here I am, reading old posts on Big Other.

    So was this Peter Markus challenge issued in another post, or is this still it? At the risk of seeming ridiculous (chronologically speaking), I’d like to solve the puzzle.

    The word is “waited” and it is a typo because it has one too many syllables. Markus’ restraint is what might be called “monosyllabism”

    On p.77 of BWR: “Like this they waited.”

    Should have maybe been, “like this they would wait.”

    I think I win?

    This was a fabulous story (or novella, I guess).

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