Kyle Minor’s Best of 2009

Here’s my Best of 2009:

Vic Chesnutt, At the Cut
David Bazan, Curse Your Branches
Puritan Blister MP3 Blog, by William Bowers

YouTube Videos:
Pamplemousse, “All the Single Ladies,” “Mr. Sandman,” “My Favorite Things”
Mike Magnuson, “Flannery Who?”

Diana Joseph In the Flesh

In Parenthesis (NYRB reissue), David Jones
American Salvage, Bonnie Jo Campbell

The Rumpus

Dead European-Americans:
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Jerzy Kosinski

TV Commercials:
anything with Levi Johnston
anything with John Hodgman
anything remixing Frosty the Snowman

Kyle Minor is the author of In the Devil’s Territory, a collection of short fiction, and co-editor of The Other Chekhov.
His recent work appears in The Southern Review, The Gettysburg Review, and Plots with Guns, and in anthologies such as Best American Mystery Stories 2008, Surreal South (Press 53, 2007), and Twentysomething Essays by Twentysomething Writers (Random House, 2006). Random House named Kyle one of the “Best New Voices of 2006,” and The Columbus Dispatch named him one of their ”20 Under 30 Artists to Watch” in 2007.


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