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Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Morse Code

Check out this site where the Bard’s sonnets are reduced to strings of digital bits. Here’s a description of the project:

Here are Shakespear’s [sic] Sonnets in morse code at 7, 13 and 20 words per minute. I created them to help me practice for my General Class amateur radio (Ham Radio) license. I found it useful and less dull than other exercies [sic]. Even though morse code isn’t required any more, you never know when you’ll be trapped in a submarine. The text is from Project Gutenberg and I used Jack Twilley’s morse code generating scripts.

And while you’re at it, check out Jen Bervin’s NETS, a rewriting, recasting of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Here’s a link to some commentary about it: http://www.webdelsol.com/Double_Room/issue_five/Jen_Bervin.html

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