Review: Issue 0!

Issue 0 of Review, “THE CREATION MYTH OF THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE,”  is here! Rejoice.





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Best of 2011, Part 3

Euphorbia Rhizophora: A Harvested Ginger Rhizome

I love reading lists, especially lists from smart people who are paying attention and have insightful things to say. Hence, these lists from Ravi Mangla, Lance Olsen, Dawn Raffel, Joseph Riippi, and Penina Roth. With all these choices of amazing things to check out and revisit, 2012 is looking very promising already. Check out our first and second installments of Best of 2011, HERE and HERE.

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Buffalo ArtVoice Flash Fiction Archive

There’s been some new pieces lately so I wanted to refresh this.

Mark Doten    “The Spider and Salt Hearts: A Fragment”

Sean Lovelace  “My Identity was Stolen”

Amber Sparks  “May We Shed These Human Bodies”

Rusty Barnes    “Something Like Love”

Thomas Cooper  “The Primary Reason”

In order of appearance:

Ravi Mangla  “Souvenirs”

JA Tyler “Inconceivable Wilson”

John Madera “Was What it Was”

Scott Garson “Buffalo Gymnopédie”

Nicolle Elizabeth “Bean Counting” and “I Do All My Own Stunts”

Peter Zinn “You’ve Got to Feel Bad for Hardware Stores”

Neely Terrell “E”

Ken Sparling “The Worst Day of My Life”

Kim Chinquee “Soldier”

Matt Bell “Hali, Halle, Hamako”

Eric Beeny “Laundry Day”

Lydia Copeland  “She Turns Out the Lights”

Writers Stew: Mangla vs. Gerke

Joyce, Pound, Ford Madox Ford, John Quinn

Recently I sat down at my computer and had some exchanges with Ravi Mangla. Ravi lives Fairport, New York (near Rochester). His work has or will appear in Gargoyle, Annalemma, Sleepingfish and others. He created a site called Recommended Reading last May. Close to fifty writers have weighed in with lists and entertaining answers to Ravi’s questions. His stories run the gamut from the serious to the absurd. For instance, in ‘Low Brow,’ a Hindu family moves into the space between the narrator’s eyebrows.

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Ravi Mangla’s Best of 2009

I am constantly amazed by the dedication and innovative spirit of the online publishing community. There has been a glut of great web writing this year and I wanted to spotlight a few of my favorite issues of online journals.

SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 26:
This is one of the strongest and most diverse SLQ issues I’ve ever read. First-rate very short fiction from start to finish.
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