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Review: Issue 0!

Issue 0 of Review, “THE CREATION MYTH OF THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE,”  is here! Rejoice.





Editor’s Note: Overwhelmed by the number of things there are now to read/view/experience (I’ll keep this one short) but with an itch always to irritate, I’ve taken it upon myself to start a publication that already exists, on a forum that already exists — a true review, a re-viewing for those of you who have been keeping up — not to add to the clutter but to cut it down some, maybe. A quarterly table of contents published on a Sunday or a holiday, with perhaps a note from me now and again.

3 thoughts on “Review: Issue 0!

  1. Thanks, Michael and John! Rather than publish new content, it seemed better to highlight existing content, things I think ought to find more/different readers. There’ll be another one in late May/early June.

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