On Pindeldyboz: An Interview with Whitney Pastorek and Whitney Steen

Madera: Recently, I had decided that I wanted to start up a literary journal, one that would have both print and electronic content, and I reached out to two other writers who were enthusiastic about the project. It’s now on the backburner. The primary thing that stalled the project was our lack of agreement on a name. So how did you decide on the name Pindeldyboz?
Pastorek: The name was the brainchild of our founder, Jeff Boison, a former Random House employee. If I recall the legend correctly, he used to spend a lot of time trying to get the Random House dictionary editors to include one of his fake words, and “Pindeldyboz” was his favorite. I can only take credit for “Pboz,” our gang name. This is because I am very street, and also lazy.
Steen: I got involved with Pindeldyboz in late summer 2006, so the naming issue was not something I was directly concerned in. Whitney Pastorek did tell me once that the founding editors picked it because they couldn’t get the domain names for any of the other journal names they came up with. She may have been joking.

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