Object Fiction?

In “Collaborating with Surveillance: Wolfgang Hilbig’s East German Fiction” (see below), Angela Woodward highlights, among other things, Hilbig’s tendency in his fiction to privilege objects over persons:

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A David Bowie of Literature?

Is there a David Bowie of literature?—such an asinine question, as dumb as asking, “Is there a Virginia Woolf of music?”—arguing against it arguably as asinine as answering it at all, even on its own terms, which is to say, which “David Bowie”? which “literature”?; not to mention the problem of even locating a “there” with any kind of certainty, and of establishing what and/or where or whatever “Is” in this case is.

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Page 100 Comics

It seems that a few comics artists have set about adapting page 100 of particular prose novels. I really like this idea, especially the constraint that it includes. I just reached for my copy of At Swim Two Birds, only to find that I’ve lent out every copy I have (except for my Everyman’s complete novels of Flann O’Brien, but that doesn’t seem right for this project).

Click here to see Rebecca Dart present Richard Brautigan:

Click here for Jason Turner on Nicholson Baker:

What books would you be interested in seeing this meme played out on?