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Page 100 Comics

It seems that a few comics artists have set about adapting page 100 of particular prose novels. I really like this idea, especially the constraint that it includes. I just reached for my copy of At Swim Two Birds, only to find that I’ve lent out every copy I have (except for my Everyman’s complete novels of Flann O’Brien, but that doesn’t seem right for this project).

Click here to see Rebecca Dart present Richard Brautigan:

Click here for Jason Turner on Nicholson Baker:

What books would you be interested in seeing this meme played out on?

12 thoughts on “Page 100 Comics

  1. This is great. A quibble: Why didn’t they choose to do page 99 instead, since this is really an inversion of Ford Maddox Ford’s famous runs the which asserts that you can “open [a] book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you”?

    That said, how about Virginia Woolf’s The Waves?

  2. See Walter Abish’s 99: The New Meaning which contains, among other cool things, an assemblage from paragraphs taken without citation from the 99th page of various works. It’s David Shields way before David Shields.

    Also, Sidebrow, the collab lit journal, has a page 24 project.


    A bit different in practice, but akin in spirit.

  3. I just stumbled across this today and in answer to the question “Why not page 99?” I say: Previously I had done something called the 100 Page Project, and the silly confusion of doing something with such a similar name appealed to me.

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