Guest Post, by Luca Dipierro: A Sentence About a Sentence I Love

“I wished so hard my father would die, but he just wouldn’t.”

–From Harold Brodkey’s “The State of Grace” in First Love and Other Sorrows

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Your Favorites from Lish’s Stock Company

We know who they are. And they all have short stories to their credit, but what is your favorite?

Carver – Why Don’t You Dance?

Hempel – In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried

D. Williams – Marriage and the Family

Evenson – Two Brothers

Schutt – The Blood Jet

Lutz – Recessional

Holland – Luckies Like Us

Robison – Yours

Hannah, J. Williams, Ozick, Brodkey, Eno and others (please add) I’m not familiar enough with

Drawn and Quartered: On Gordon Lish’s The Quarterly, Part One

What follows is a blow-by-blow account of the first issue of Gordon Lish’s legendary literary journal The Quarterly. Here I’ll examine stories by Amy Hempel, Tom Spanbauer,
Matthew Levine, Chris Spain,
Pamela Schirmeister, Yannick Murphy,
J.S. Marcus, Darrell Spencer, Kaye Gibbons,
Peter Christopher,
Janet Kauffman, and Tom Rayfiel; a novella by Jane Smiley; poems by Paulette Jiles, Robert Gibb,
John Allman,
William Freedman,
Jack Gilbert,
Ansie Baird,
Diane DeSanders,
and Harvey Shapiro; and letters by Nancy Lemann, Pagan Kennedy, Harold Brodkey,
James Laughlin,
Amy Hempel,
Patty Marx,
Robert Jones, E.J. Cullen, and
Dan Duffy; and drawings by Don Nace. I hope to eventually cover every single issue of this incredible journal.

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